Sarah Ben Romdane (1993) was born in Paris to a Tunisian father and a Syrian mother, raised in London. 

Her work and interests shift amongst the realms of politics, subculture, fashion, photography and music.

She is currently a multimedia journalist and creative strategist at MILLE WORLD, a new luxury lifestyle magazine and boutique creative agency dedicated to Arab youth culture, for high-net-worth millennials in the MENA region. Clients include Polo Ralph Lauren, Farfetch, Gucci, Repossi.

She has also been commissioned to write for GQ Magazine, Nataal, and writes editorial content for Nike France.

She also moderated a talk at Abu Dhabi's contemporary culture's centre Manarat Al Saadiyat in October 2019.

Having developed great analytical skills during her Bachelor and Master's degrees in Political Science and Journalism in London, she has been able to deepen her critical and independent spirit, allowing her to make greater meaning of the twenty first century’s global issues.


Through her work, she seeks to reject media-spun narratives of the MENA region by carefully unpacking Arab identity, spotlighting the world's Arab creatives and strengthening minority visibility in pop culture.


Weekly publications, Mille World

GQ Middle East

Les Inrocks

Nataal Magazine

Tony & Guy Magazine


La relation Américano-séoudienne de 1944 à nos jours, Les Cahiers de l'Orient n°122, 2016/2




Bachelor Degree (2011-2014) in International Politics from City, University of London.

Master's Degree in Global Governance & Ethics (2014-2015) from UCL, London.

Master's Degree in International Journalism (2016-2017) from City, University of London





January 2017​ - Agence France Presse, London - Intern AFPTV


January/July 2016 - Yami 2 Production, Paris - Intern Assistant Director of "Arabie saoudite, les liaisons dangereuses"

September/December 2015 - Les Cahiers de l'Orient, Paris - Intern Researcher 

July/September 2014 - Al Huffington Post Maghreb, Tunis - Journalism Intern

September 2013 - ARTE FRANCE CINEMA, Paris - Intern Production Assistant

Instagram: @sarahtatabre